More countercultural publicity

I worked with Hal Robbins on a documentary back in 1990, and he was always great fun. On a related subject, I thought you folk in San Francisco might be interested in this posting about a new Public Access show premiering tonight from our friends at RE/Search laboratories. Wish I could see it over here in the East Bay.
Terry Floyd
RE/Search Television
Our friends at seminal underground publisher RE/Search are launching a television show on San Francisco public access! The premiere of "The
I worked with Hal Robbins on a documentary back in 1990, and he was always a lot of fun. On another cultural front, I thought you folks in SF might be interested in this posting from about a new public access program by the Re/Search group that will be airing tonight.

Counter Culture Hour" with host V.Vale is tonight at 6:30pm (and every second Saturday of the month) on Access San Francisco, Channel 29.
"Now is your chance to see V. Vale interview Dirk Dirksen, Mabuhay Gardens impresario from 1974-1984--early punk rock! With rare photos and footage - mostly in the first ten minutes, so don't be late! Be ready to sit for an uninterrupted hour for this riveting show. Stay through the final segment: The Mutants on stage with Dirk at the Mabuhay circa 1978 starting their last public performance of 'Insect Lounge.'

Also includes a 'Counterculture Show-n-Tell' with Yoshi from Japan telling about his "incredibly strange book collection" --very 'amusing'""
Developed by Marian Wallace and Marian Wilde, the show is a work-in-progress that, with your help, could air all over the country. RE/Search says they "are looking into syndication to other areas and are interested in contact information for your town's public access station." Link