Moral Superiority and Plastic Bags

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The San Francisco Sups have voted to ban plastic grocery bags in all large grocery stores chains and drug stores. Making a rational arguement against is futile, because it only legitimizes the possibility that the ban has any rational basis.

This is simply a straw on the poor persons back. But his particular straw sticks in the craw. Sure my fellow muni passengers, especially the old, the sick, the blind , and the handicapped can carry a canvas bag around all thetime so we can do that small shop while we already out. I guess the stink of this particular piece of straw was the suited sups showing off their canvas bags. Will they carry a cnavas bag around in their suit pocket, or Kenneth Cole bag? Do they regularly carry home groceries from Safeway in the rain, pushing a wheelchair, or feeling with a cane ? Does the extra 30 cents that will be added to every grocery trip affect them at all. How many have ever tried to get a cab to come to safeway on a rainey Friday afternoon when a convention is in town.

Ed Ju , the only dissenting Sup,tried giving a rational justification for his dissent against the ban. Heneed not have been shy. ED knew in his gut it was wrong. He campaigned on Muni everyday for months, meeting perssonally many thousands of honest working folks trying to make it in this , the most high cost city in the whole country. His gut told him it was wrong to add one more procription on these folks lives. and one more dime of expense

The air of moral superiority by the board is the real craw. It reminds one of George Bush I when he went to a grocery store for a phoop, and marvelled at the scanners. It was clear to everyone that he hadnot set foot in a grocery store for a decade.
The Sups show an attitude that would serve them well in the Bush Administration. They both appear to believe they are right, everyone
else is wrong, and everyone must do as they command.

In a grocery bill, in life, and in politics, Little things add up.

Philip Berg
Chair LPSF

I borrowed a few words from Lawrence.