Moorfield Storey Blog: The Disaster of Me Libertarianism

Dear All; I am sending this to both lpsf yahoo groups as it needs to be seen and read by all because some cogent points are being made about "Me" Libertarians and some good points about students for liberty.

Dear Ron,

This is excellent! Thank you for posting! Although LPSF is obviously not guilty of right-side male WASP thinking (I for one am a woman of dubious racial heritage), I feel that Libertarians do have a tendency to exaggerate the importance of individualism ("me") over team work ("us").

Regarding the success of Students for Liberty, I tend to agree with Rob, who has always maintained that an organization needs young people, because the middle aged and older are just plain too busy with their family and their work (like me). Of course another approach might be to recruit retired folk, looking for something to do. If often wonder if that is not the Tea Party approach.