Monthly meeting activity

On Monday, January 3, 2005, at 05:22 PM, Mike Denny wrote (in part):

The process of deciding on and organizing the activity shouldn’t consume more meeting time than the time allocated for the activity itself.

  Very wisely spoken! And speaking of which, I believe it was proposed that the activity for this month be writing letters to the editor, however I don't think anyone volunteered to actually supply a topic and fuel for letters. That being the case, I volunteer to bring in a local news clipping or something to which people can respond in writing letters, unless anyone else speaks up now who has something else in mind and wants to do it. Of course anyone who doesn't like the proposed topic is free to write a letter about something else, or otherwise use the time as they see fit.

Yours in liberty,
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It's not the case that no one supplied an LTE topic.

On 16 December, I sent the following to lpsf-activists:

Agenda Item (1/8/05)

Action Item (15 minutes)
Write letters to the editor decrying the proposed SF gun ban.

Best, Michael