Monthly Meeting, 6/10/2006, 3:00 pm

Hi Richard,

Yeah, we've been talking about that a lot. We decided on a new
place last time, but unfortunately there had been a
miscommunication and that place was not actually available.

I actually like Cybelle's myself, and I think the noise dies down
partway into the meeting. But a larger, noiseless space would be

Actually, since there was a bit of confusion about location this
month, I made the reservation at Cybelle's a bit late, and the
upstairs area was taken with a party, so I've reserved the area at
the bottom of the stairs instead. (Ironically, that area may
actually have better acoustics than the balcony.) But I'm working
in the City now (had been working in Mountain View) so I'm
planning to do another round of location scouting myself,
including Davies Medical and other places that have been



  I don't like the Davies Medical Center location. Well, actually the geographical location is great -- centrally located, and a short walk feels cold and sterile. And no food service of course.

  I personally like Cybelle's too. I wonder if meeting there earlier in the afternoon (like starting at noon or 1pm) would be an option that might reduce the noise? Of course that wouldn't address Richard's concern about the parking, but parking's going to be an issue in many areas of the city that are otherwise attractive.

Yours in liberty,
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