Money for the LPSF Treasury

Hi Justin,

Phil asked me to take care of the money collected at Saturday's LPSF
meeting; so here is a breakdown:

$25 Basic Membership (forgoing $30 for CA Freedom)from Richard Dozier.
$55 Basic Membership Renewal from Richard Fogel
$20 Sale of LPSF Posters from Starchild
$32 Pizza Jar

$132 Total received

($16) For one pizza
($16) For tip (large tip since we only purchased one pizza)

($32) Total spent

$100.00 For the Treasury from Meeting in CASH

I can mail you the two applications from the two Richards, but I don't
think I better mail you the cash. Please let me know if you would
like me to keep the cash and send you a personal check from me, pick
up the cash from me, or other. I would offer to deposit the cash if I
knew the account number, and LPSF did not mind the bank charge for a
teller transaction.



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