Dear Everyone;

Since last Thursday night I have sent from my yahooo account and from
a hotmail account 5 postings to LPSF-discuss and none have shown up as
posted. When postings are published by other people on lpsf-discuss I
do receive the forwarded e-mail.

Postings done from within the lpsf-discuss do get posted but it's a
pain if you want to use outside accounts to do postings as the inside
postings doesn't work the greatest if your are posting url's.

Anyone else have this problem on e-mail sent for postings from outside
the lpsf-discuss group not showing up?

This has been a re-occuring problem with yahoo group or postings sent
but not showing up until 12 - 24 - 48 hours later or totallly not at
all being ate by the Ether Monster.

I have sent the yahoo groups help department e-mails regarding this
but have not gotten any response. Yeah Yahoooooo.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian