Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Rapid Transit Salaries: A Look at the Beloved BART

Bart fares are a real strain on poor commuteres and curtailed hours compared to other major metro areas are a burden on those poor folks doing night work,.

Should Bart workers share in the pain. Do they feel it?


Thanks, Phil, that's useful information to have. Especially if/when we have a Libertarian running for BART board.

  Of course it goes without saying that many of the numbers must be wrong -- after all, I believe most of the BART directors are Democrats, and Democrats are defenders of the downtrodden. I'm sure they would never allow their personnel to earn six figures worth of overtime pay on the backs of the working poor who use the rapid transit system to commute. Only an evil capitalist could continence that kind of greed.

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Who and where is this Bart libertarian running


  I didn't say anyone was running.

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