Minutes of 10/11/03 and the DAF


Most decisions at LPSF meetings are made without a formal vote. And
they stand as decided. So will this, unless you or anyone can
convince me that I misunderstood what transpired. So far I remain
unconvinced. How about we compromise. Your DAF for October was
already announced by the LPSF. Your next DAF will be November 19th.
I am asking Chris Maden to place this subject on the Agenda for a
formal vote during the meeting of November 8th, leaving you plenty of
time to deal with your next DAF. Regarding your idea of taking this
subject to the ExCom...Well, think about it Starchild, I would
probably be the only one to vote in your favor on this particular



  I'm not requesting a vote, as I don't think there needs to be a policy change. Similarly I was not suggesting that the ExCom take up the matter, merely discussing how our processes work. Those who want a policy change are free to request a vote on the issue. My only action will be to ask for a vote on correcting the minutes at our next meeting, if you still feel that a decision has already been made. I do appreciate your vote of confidence on the issue of scheduling the Direct Action Forum.

Yours in liberty,
                <<< Starchild >>>