Minutes from the January Meeting

Hi All. Here are the minutes from the last meeting, which was a wild one. If you find any bloopers (and you may, this time), please advise and we can fix them before posting on the website. Marcy, can you please allow a few days for review and then post the minutes?
Minutes written by Aubrey FreedmanLibertarian Party of San FranciscoMinutesfor Monthly Meeting at the San Francisco Public Library on Saturday, January 10,2015 Attendees: Phil Berg, Marcy Berry(Vice Chair), Daniel Christmann (guest), Rich Churills (guest), Aubrey Freedman(Chair), Jon Larsen (guest), Les Mangus (Treasurer), Brandon Partridge (guest),Sam Sloan, Starchild, Sonja Trauss (guest), Channing-Celeste Wayne (guest), K CWider (guest), Richard Winger, and Alton Yee (guest).Activist Reports: None (many guests and late drop-ins; much of the first hour wastaken up with introductions and announcements). Announcements:
   - Sunday, January 11, 2015-9:00 AM-4:00 PM-Starchild mentioned that GGLR has a table at the gun show at the Cow Palace this week-end and can always use extra helpers with outreach.
   - Tuesday, January 13, 2015-4:00 PM-Sonja noted there will be a Happy Hour hosted by SFBARF.
   - Thursday, January 15, 2015-9:00 AM-Top Two Hearing at the State Courthouse at 350 McAllister-Richard Winger stressed that a well-attended hearing could benefit the lawsuit against Prop 14, which was approved over 2 years ago.
   - Monday, January 19, 2015-7:00-9:00 PM-Golden Gate Liberty Revolution-Monthly Meeting-Moksha Life Center-405 Sansome Street.
   - Wednesday, January 21, 2015-6:00-8:00 PM-Planning Department meeting-Lick-Wilderming High School cafeteria-755 Ocean Avenue-Sonja urged folks to attend and advocate for the approval of the development of all 60,000 new housing units at the Balboa Reservoir (currently an unused, empty 17-acre lot).
   - Friday, January 30, 2015-Starchild will speak at the San Diego LP annual conference in San Diego.
   - Saturday, January 31, 2015-Alton urged folks to register early for this year’s Freedomfest in Las Vegas in July to take advantage of the early registration discount.
   - Saturday, February 7, 2015-7:00-11:00 PM-Free Exchange-Jim Elwood’s in Parkmerced.
   - Friday, February 13, 2015-Alton mentioned that Students for Liberty will be hosting a conference in Washington D.C. with guest speakers Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul.
Election of Officers for2015: Daniel Christmann was encouraged to join theExecutive Committee and tackle the position of Secretary. He took out a membership on the spot and waselected Secretary unanimously. Therewere no other members that wanted the other three officer positions, so all thecurrent officers (Aubrey as Chair, Marcy as Vice Chair, and Les as Treasurer)were unanimously re-elected for yet another year in the same positions. Membership Report: Aubrey reported no change in membership. The current figures are 17 regular + 22 life members for a total of39. He will put out his second monthlynewsletter within a few days in the hope of drumming up new interest in thework of the LPSF and increasing membership.Website Report: Marcy continues to write new articles for the website regularly. She also indicated that the LPSF welcomes guest-contributedarticles to the website and gave assurance that the authors’ names would belisted. She also reported that thenumber of hits the website receives was not only very impressive in Novemberbut also high in December (probably due to leftover interest from the Novemberelection).Treasurer’s Report: Les reported that the beginning balance was $2,963.13. No deposits were posted and two checks werecut—one to Aubrey for $200.00 for the gun show in September and the postcardmailing in October (for the November election) and one to Californians forElectoral Reform for $25.00. The currentbalance is $2,738.13. Les brought upthat we need to file a report with the Secretary of State to register as a PAC,as was agreed upon at the last meeting. Aubrey will fill out the required registration report with Les’ help andstart filing the required reports with the Secretary of State. Pride 2015: Aubrey reported that it’stime to register for a spot at Pride, if we want to have a booth there againthis year. He had not seen the rates forthe booth, but based on the last few years, he expected the cost to be around$300 for the booth spot and $50 for insurance. We are OK on literature so no reason to budget additional for that thisyear. Starchild noted that he didn’tthink the cost of participating is worth that large expenditure and suggestedthat we set up our booth outside the fair to avoid the large cost or just walkaround the fair and pass out literature. He also suggested that we march in the parade rather than set up a boothbecause the exposure will be greater. Aswe were running out of time to discuss the issue, Marcy suggested that wediscuss the best way to participate in Pride this year on the Activist andDiscussion lists. Aubrey noted that hewill post something on the lists. Tax Day 2015: Confirmed panelists forour symposium on housing in SF are Randal O’Toole, (known as The Antiplanner);Sonja Trauss from SF Bay Area Renters Federation; and Joel Engardio, respectedjournalist (who has since the meeting changed his mind and will not be apanelist). The symposium will be onSunday, April 5 at the Main Library in the Latino/Hispanic Room B Lower Level meetingroom from 1:30-3:30 PM. Sonja talkedabout the need for lots of more housing units to be built in order to increasethe supply and lower prices. Her goal isto build 100,000 new units in The City with many 24-story buildings. She advocated going to Planning Departmentmeetings and giving public comment to encourage the approval of developmentprojects. Alton mentioned the role ofrent control in adding to the housing problem and that will need to be tackledtoo.

Thank you for these minutes, Aubrey. I don't notice anything incorrect offhand, other than that my talk in San Diego was on Saturday the 31st. Listing it as the 30th could have been my error as easily as yours. The speaker at Free Exchange was anarchist author and thinker David Friedman, although that may not have been mentioned at the meeting.

  Did Joel Engardio say why he changed his mind and won't be a panelist?

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild. Joel felt that Sonja's views are more radical and that he wouldn't be adding that much to the discussion because he's more a centrist like Katy Tang. He believes in some development--to a point. He felt that he would give Sonja more of a chance to expound her views by not taking up panel time. He did, however, offer to publicize the event to SF Moderates, the group that he and Sonja belong to, so hopefully we will get a bunch of them to come to the symposium.
By the way, I contacted numerous leftist housing organizations and never heard back from any of them. I also contacted all the local LP chapter officers to let them know about the event--and never heard back from any of them either. I contacted Laura Wells but never heard back from her, so I tried Barry Hermanson from the Greens, and he responded back right away that they will discuss our symposium at their monthly meeting later this month and decide if they are going to send a panelist. It would be great to have a Green because they might have a different view on housing and taxes than Randal and Sonja.