Minutes from the February Meeting


Re: Filing Form 460 with SF Ethics Commission

My understanding was that the form must be filed with the state and with the county in which the organization is based.

I believe the answer is yes, we have to file a copy with the SF Ethics Commission.


RE: Switching to Credit Union.

Before we can do this we either have to

(1) find the IRS assigning Libertarian Party of San Francisco an Employer Identification Number or

(2) apply for a new number.

I called IRS on Friday.

They had no record of assigning any number to LPSF.

IRS advised me to file for a new number.

I stopped into BofA this morning.

They know the number, but they would not give it to me except for the last four digits.

Some of the number is 94-xxx1211.

They do not keep copies of the IRS letters that would have been presented to them which the account was opened.

Les Mangus

It’s possible we were using the EIN of the LP of California. LPSF is
(or wasn’t) a distinct legal entity, but was a local chapter of LPC.