Minutes from December Meeting [1 Attachment]

Hi All. Here are the minutes from the last meeting. Please review them for any bloopers and let me know if anything needs fixing. Marcy, if you could post them to the website in a few days, that would be great.
Minutes written by Aubrey FreedmanLibertarian Party of San FranciscoMinutesfor Monthly Meeting at the San Francisco Public Library on Saturday, December12, 2015 Attendees: Phil Berg, AubreyFreedman (Chair), Les Mangus (Treasurer), Leo Miretsky (guest), Starchild, and RichardWinger.Activist Reports: Les was been posting to the Discussion List when he gets movedby a topic (most recently police and body cameras). Leo speaks to his friends and posts toFacebook about Libertarian topics. Aubrey sent out the monthly newsletter at the end of November and alsoworked on rounding up two speakers for the annual panel discussion inApril. Richard was going to attend a TopTwo hearing in which the Socialist Party was suing the state because it is not considereda “qualified” party, but the Top Two supporters (Charles Munger and others)intervened and the hearing was cancelled. Announcements:
   - Monday, December 21-7:00-9:00PM-Golden Gate Liberty Revolution-Monthly Meeting-Moksha Life Center-405Sansome Street.
   - Saturday, January 2-7:00-11:00 PM-Free Exchange-Jim Elwood’s in Parkmerced.
   - Wednesday, January 20-7:30 PM-Richard is hosting the monthly Genteman Book Club at his house-Debra Layton is the unconfirmed speaker this time (she is the author of Seductive Poison, which is about the Jim Jones/Guyana tragedy in the late 70’s).
   - Aubrey mentioned that Niike,formerly a YAL activist at SFSU, is going to have some tabling events thissemester. Details to be forthcoming.
Membership/NewsletterReport: Aubrey reported that membership is up by 1 to40 (19 lifetime members and 21 current paid up annual members). He reported that the state party is finallycleaning up the membership records, but there are still records that needupdating. He noted that the number oflifetime members is dropping (probably due to the cleaning up of records by thestate party), while the number of annual dues-paying members isincreasing. For the November newsletter,he sent it out to 217 people. Hereceived 3 bounced email returns, 2 comments, 2 new subscribers, and norequests to unsubscribe from the November newsletter. Treasurer’s Report: Les reported that our coffers are in good shape at the moment: in our Bank of America account we have$4,011.93, and in our PayPal we have $372.29, for a total of $4,384.22. He reported that we received an unexpectedone-time donation of $150.00 in our PayPal account in the past month. Transportation Panel Discussion in April: Aubrey is working on getting Tom Rubin from the liberty-leaningside and Jerry Cauthen from SaveMuni for the discussion on April 10. In researching Tom Rubin’s credentials, hewas pleasantly surprised how extensive Tom’s background in transportation is,and he thinks he will be perfect for the panel. Aubrey visited the Noe Valley Library a few weeks ago and asked to takea look at the room we booked. It will dopretty well, though the branch cannot loan out the projector for our use (edictfrom The Main Library Central Authority), so Aubrey will round up one for thediscussion. Officer Duties (for next year): With Marcy no longer anactivist after the January meeting and Aubrey not running for Chair or ViceChair, many duties are up for grabs: Webmaster, moderating the Activist and Discussion lists, LPSF FacebookGroup and LPSF Facebook Page, responding to messages on Ring Central, respondingto emails to the Chair (in a timely manner), membership recruitment, themonthly newsletter, ballot measure arguments coordination/submission, Pride,annual panel discussion, agendas for the meetings, political filings for theFPPC, the Announce List, library reservations, and picking up the mail. Marcy has graciously offered to keep up thewebsite as Webmaster until the LPSF finds a replacement. Aubrey said that he is happy to continuedoing many of the things he currently handles, like the newsletter, Pride, theannual panel discussion, the library reservations, and picking up the mail, buthe does not want to run the meetings anymore. Starchild offered to moderate the lists and handle the calls from RingCentral and the emails to the Chair (if no one comes forward as Chair). Aubrey also brought up that now might be agood time to consider changing the location and time of the monthly meetings toattract new members. He is also hopingthat someone comes forward to organize social events to attract new potentialactivists.Special Authorization for Postcard Outreach: Starchild made a special carry-overrequest from the November election for $50.00 for printing expenses to coverthe postcard he designed for ongoing outreach over the next few months. No objections noted—expenditure isauthorized.

You didn't mention that I hope to retire as treasurer and from the Ex Comm.


Hi Les. OK, we will add "Les hopes to retire as Treasurer and from the Ex Comm" to the section "Officer Duties (for next year)." Marcy, can you please add this sentence somewhere in there before you post the minutes? Les, I hope you will reconsider.