Minutes, 11 February

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Minutes of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco
Saturday 11 February 2006, 3 pm PST
Cybelle's Front Room Pizza

Present: Justin Sampson (presiding), Chris Maden (recording), Mike Acree,
Phil Berg, Marcy Berry, Bryce Bigwood, Steve DeKorte, Michael Edelstein,
Richard Fogel, Ron Getty, Jawj Greenwald, Derek Jensen

Observing: Hank Bakker, Rich Best, A.J. Brown, Jeremy Connair, Omar Diaz,
David Goggin, Mark Johnson, Rich Newell, George Perry, Richard Reinholdt

Treasurer: Acree reported a balance of $3,004.33. Bakker reported having
sent a check which was never cashed. Acree will e-mail Maden a list of
donor names for thank-you notes.

Secretary: The January minutes were approved. The mailbox was not checked
before the meeting.

Mail log addendum:

* $50 memberships from Catherine Tripp and W.R. Stewart
* Libertarian Lifeline
* an invitation to the Annual Meeting of the Libertarian Party of San
Mateo County, 19 January
* membership renewal request for Californians for Electoral Reform
* donation request from The California Foundation
* junk mail from USPS and a credit card company

Vice Chair: no report.

Chair: Sampson reported that we have a new meeting location. Later, he
would be passing around petitions for ballot access for Libertarian

Membership Committee: no Development or Count reports; the last count was
as of August or September; there are no reports for Communications or the
Web site either. The TV Subcommittee reports that AccesSF is almost out of
tape; Berg needs to visit. Sampson reported that the newsletter was just
finished before the meeting, and was being distributed then.

Initiatives: Getty reported that the timeline for ballot initiaves was
thus: 10 July for complete submission; 10 May for cleared and authorized
versions; 11,000 signatures must be collected by 10 July, and 500
signatures or a refundable deposit are required to file.

Getty added that the police initiative is informed by the recent Chronicle
special report. The pencil-and-paper department poses a significant
challenge, but he have many potential allies. Even if unsuccessful in
passage, this will still be a valuable learning experience. Getty
solicited comments on the draft in the activists' mailing list file area.

Berg thinks we can do it with paid petitioners, especially if other groups
get involved. He also has the name of the attorney that assisted with the
transportation initiative.

As per our January meeting, after the police initiative, we will address
the salary cap and payroll tax initiatives, time permitting. The salary
cap will probably require a charter initiative, meaning 50,000 signatures.

Acree wonders how the police would respond to this initiative. Getty
thinks not well; there are now thirty-two officers doing homeless sweeps,
and twenty-two patrolling schools.

Goal for next month: firm up language of the police initiative and get
acceptance on it.

Getty also alerted the party to the upcoming statewide Public Preschool
Education Act, which has qualified for the ballot; he will be writing an
op-ed on the subject.

Perry is past president of the Society for General Semantics; Friday 10
March, Edelstein will be speaking on overcoming addiction and other issues
at the Kaiser French Campus, 4141 Geary, at 7:15 pm.

David Rhodes will be unable to arrange the April semi-annual dinner;
volunteers are solicited for the task.

27-28 May, the East Bay Libertarian Party will be taking a whitewater
rafting trip on Cache Creek.

Mike Denny forwarded information to the mailing list about the Human &
Civil Rights Festival on 25 February.

Berg is running for Congress; petitions were present at the meeting.
Petitions were also present for statewide candidates.

Goggin is hosting his monthly vegetarian dinner, the second Friday of
every month, which will next be 10 March.

Greenwald solicited answers to challenging libertarian profile questions
for newsletter fodder and outreach.
Convention Preparation

A passport or birth certificate is necessary for attendance on the cruise.
The delegates elected previously are Berg, Berry, Mike Denny, Edelstein,
Starchild, and Morey Straus; Starchild is our Platform Committee

Lawrence Samuels presented a resolution opposing the United States
government's war in Iraq, which passed here; it may be up at the state

Newell reported that the mini-convention in Fresno was good; speakers
included Henderson, an economist at the Naval Institute in Monterey, and
Lynette Shaw, the Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor of
California and a medical marijuana activist.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm PST.


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