Minutes 10/11 & DAF

Hi Starchild,

1. I am responding to your comment that the Minutes of 10/11/03 are incorrect on the subject of the Direct Action Forum. As I see it, the minutes are supposed to reflect what happened, not what should have happened. I agree with you that perhaps a vote should have been taken regarding the DAF. However, since no one called for a vote, none was taken; and therefore, a decision was made without a vote. I will be happy to change the Minutes of 10/11/03 regarding the DAF only if you, or anyone, points out that I misunderstood what transpired at the meeting.

2. While I am on the subject of the DAF. I promised at the last meeting that I would look at the newspapers around my house to see if I still had the one containing the article on the Lowell High School parents protesting their children's busing. I do not. I looked on Google, and did not find it either. With this brief experience trying to find a topic, I now sympathize even more with your efforts to find topics and speakers for the DAF. You have volunteered for a huge assignment!




  Perhaps someone (Rob?) said something at the meeting that implied a decision was being made. If so, reporting that a decision was made is an understandable mistake. However if a group decision requires a vote (my understanding of the bylaws) then no vote = no decision, regardless of what may have been said. (An exception would be if the chair saying something like, "If there are no objections..." to let people know a decision is about to be made without a vote unless someone objects.)

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