With our Secretary absent and no volunteers to fill in for him, I took
my own notes of last Saturday's meeting. They're not quite minutes, but
they'll have to do. Please look them over for any mistakes:

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Endorsements Meeting
September 13, 2008, 3-5pm @ Milano Pizzeria

Due to sparse early attendance, meeting was called to order late, at 3:08pm.
Attendance: Power, Linden, Denny, Fielding, Greenwald, Berg, Getty,
Berry (Guests: David Faden)

Suspension of Rules for 2 minutes/initiative (1 minute synopsis / 1
minute Q&A) moved by Linden, seconded by Fielding -- passed unanimously

Fielding volunteered to substitute for Edelstein as time keeper

Berry added one agenda item under new business to discuss write-in
candidate procedure

Treasurer Report: Total treasury is $2562.49. Berry requested vote to
reimburse her for $76.48 mailing. Passed unanimously.

Secretary absent

Vice-Chair Report: Will be absent from the October meeting

Chair Report: Various activities as LPC representative to No on 8

Outreach and Newsletter Committee Report: Postcard in late September,
early October

Website & Database Committee Report: Chair will ask for direct access
to be able to update site

Berg Campaign: Recorded two 2-minute videos for KQED and KTVU

Resolution: LPSF endorses a vote of NO on Prop 8 in statewide election
-- passed unanimously

Local Initiative Endorsements: Result (Yes-No-No Recommendation)

B: No (0-8-0)
C: Yes (8-8-0)
D: No Recommendation (0-2-6)
E: No (0-8-0)
F: Yes (6-0-2)
G: No Recommendation (4-2-2)
H: No (0-8-0)
I: No (0-8-0)
J: No (0-8-0)
K: Yes (8-0-0)
L: No (0-7-1)
M: No (0-8-0)
N: No (0-8-0)
O: No (0-7-1)
P: No Recommendation (0-0-8)
Q: No (0-8-0)
R: No Recommendation (4-3-1)
S: Yes (8-0-0)
T: No (0-8-0)
U: No Recommendation (4-0-4)
V: No (3-5-0)

Berry presented the basic information for submitting elector petitions
for write-in candidates (some Libertarians in California have agreed to
serve as Ron Paul write-in electors, most notably Gail Lightfoot).

Power agreed to send Berg, Linden, and Greenwald information about doing
LP voter registration tabling at Naturalization Ceremonies.

Meeting adjourned and pizza social began promptly at 5pm.

I'm attaching a PDF of our quarterly postcard, which I want to mail out
soon. Please look it over and tell me if you find any mistakes (for
instance, I only noticed when copying our endorsements from my
mini-minutes that there was an error on Prop C in my mini-minutes).

I'll ask for a vote at the next meeting to reimburse me for the approx
$100 to mail this.

Ron, could you work with Bryce to get your analysis of each ballot
proposition up on the website, since the postcard says that such
information will be there?

Thank you.


P.S. If you're on daily digest or some other option that keeps the
attachment from coming through, it's also in the group's files section

LPSF Autumn 2008 Postcard.pdf (344 KB)

Rob, Could you add this after my endorsement. No more Wallstreet bailouts.

Looks good Rob....


Hi, Phil. We didn't do any candidate endorsements on the postcard,
since we didn't have any nonpartisan candidates this year. Instead, we
just had a general "Remember to VOTE LIBERTARIAN on Tuesday, November 4"
on the card. I hope you don't mind. Instead, if you'd like help
emailing the registered voters, I can help you with that. I just think
that telling paying LP members to vote for you instead of Pelosi (or any
L over any D or R) is sort of preaching to the choir. We should be able
to get you a Constant Contact account for fairly cheap, and that will
keep your campaign from running afoul of the CAN-SPAM act and the
state's rules for using the registered voters db.


Philip Berg wrote: