Mike Denny for mayor neighborhood activities


  I have a photo shoot, but I think it will be in the morning, so I
should be able to come. You know, there are a lot of Asians out in that
neighborhood, including Vietnamese. I think it would be great if you
had a flier, or just some kind of statement in writing, saying that you
support the effort to commemorate the South Vietnamese flag. I was just
in the Tenderloin today putting up some of your fliers, and I noticed a
store with a Kamala Harris sign in the window.

  A good thing to know as a sign distribution activist is that often
store owners don't know or care who they're advertising, and so if you
see a sign or flier for one candidate up in the window, there's a good
chance they'll put up yours too if you ask them — even if it's a
candidate for the same office.

  Sure enough, the owner of this store, a probably 30-something
Vietnamese guy who spoke little English, was willing to have a flier
for Mike in his window. Tellingly, although he didn't seem to know
anything about Kamala Harris, he *volunteered* to me that he did not
like the Board of Supervisors. He said one of them had come by, and
he'd asked him to leave the store! At least it sounded like that's what
he was saying — as I said, the guy didn't speak much English. But he
made it clear why he doesn't like them — the Board voted against the
resolution honoring the flag! The red one with the star isn't ours, he
said. The one with the stripes is ours. "Freedom flag," he called it. I
told him Mike was anti-communist, but I don't know if he understood.
Wish I spoke Vietnamese, or we had an activist who did and could go
speak to that community!

  Along the lines of the Vietnamese flier, it might not be bad to have a
flier or sign with a line in Chinese reading "Remember Tiananmen
Square!" or something like that. I know neither of these are local
issues, but many immigrants aren't familiar with local issues. We need
to somehow communicate to the anti-authoritarians among them that we're
on their side.

Yours in liberty,
              <<< Starchild >>>

P.S. - Don't forget voter registration forms and LPSF membership forms
for Saturday!

Sorry for the delay on this. I suggest that we meet at 5th and Clement
and setup on the SW corner at around 1PM this Saturday. I’ll bring the
banner, flyers and a table. We can be there for as long as we like.
Who will be able to attend?

Michael F. Denny

Libertarian Candidate for San Francisco Mayor

Ph: (415) 986-7677 x123

Fax: (415) 986-4004



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To:MikeDenny; LibertarianParty Activists
Subject:MikeDennyfor mayor neighborhood activities


Are we going to promote your campaign in a neighborhood this week-end?

I'd like to help, but I need to be able to plan.



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