Michael Denny for Mayor Fund-Raiser Update

March 24, 2003

Dear Supporter of Michael Denny for Mayor of San Francisco:

I am to writing give you an update on donations/volunteers for the
Campaign Fundraiser Silent/Live Auction on May 10th at the Lake Merced
clubhouse of the Pacific Rod and Gun Club. Donations are starting to
come in and we have 3 volunteers so far. Not bad for a week or so but we
really need a lot more to make this work. That being said, here are a
few ideas to consider:

1) If you can volunteer, please contact me (Jackie Brennan) via
e-mail or phone, we still need several more persons to assist on the day
of the event. (We promise to make it as painless as possible).

2) Look in your closet, your jewelry box, your garage, and your storage
rooms. You

see, we often have new unused items sitting right in from of us!

* Remember that toaster oven or wine rack that's still in the
box, you know the one from Aunt Bessie, you love it, but you can't use
it, because you already have two others?

* What about that piece of jewelry that you bought on vacation
(just in case you forgot someone) does it still have the price tags on

* I just found a zip drive for someone's computer still in the
original shipping carton.

* Remember every donation is a good donation!!

* Anyone out there sew, knit or crotchet? What about a quilt or

3) Libertarian Activist Meeting attendees, and other groups that
Michael Denny is a

member of , consider putting together a basket collection for this
cause -

Pick a theme (The Best of SF??) then one person brings a basket and each
person brings one or two items to donate - hmmmmm what's best in SF
(Sour dough bread starter or a gift certificate to Boudin's Bread, a
bottle of local wine, Ghirardelli Chocolates, SF Coffee Company Dark
Roast, Green Tea from Japan town, a map of China Town, Golden Gate
Bridge Souvenir, Mini Cable Car, dinner on the wharf, tickets to a
Giants game, a picnic in the park at Stern Grove, let you imagination
run wild!!)

4) Anyone have a special skill, trade, or gift to share:

* Have you studied the Art of Massage? Donate a 1 hour

* Are you skilled in ceramics or forms of art? An art lesson?

* Are you proficient in a particular software? Donate a 2 hour

* Are you a musician? Donate an hours to someone's next dinner

* Are you a gourmet cook? What about cooking dinner for four?

* Are you an avid hiker? Lead a guided tour.

           Make your own gift certificate with approximate value or ask
Jackie and she'll

           create a unique certificate for your donation.

I hope that this letter has provided food for thought. Remember, this
campaign is about promoting the virtues of personal and economic freedom
in this race for Mayor. These are values that are not being represented
in the discussion. Without these values, San Francisco will decline.
With these values, we will flourish. If you want to get these ideas into
the discussion, we need your help to get the word out. Our candidate,
Michael Denny, has made the commitment. Let's help him be successful.
Every donation counts. Be it your time, treasure, or talent, please
consider which is most comfortable for you and contact us at once!


Physical Donations can be sent to:

American Wine Distributors, Inc.

Attention: Michael Denny

Pier 23 The Embarcadero, Suite 201

San Francisco, CA 94111

(Please remember to include the donation sheet)

Fax: (415) 986-4004

I hope to hear from each of you very soon!


Jackie Brennan

Home Phone: 510 - 614-8210 (best time is evenings or weekends)

E-Mail : GSMOM94121@… <mailto:GSMOM94121@…>


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