Mexico Targets US Police Corruption

In an interesting interview with the BBC yesterday, Mexican President Felipe Calderon openly accused US 'law enforcement' with engaging in the same corruption contributing to recent border violence.

"The US accuses Mexico, and I acknowledge we have corruption. But the heavy flow of weapons and narcotics across the border would not be possible without corruption from the American side as well." Calderon said.

Calderon is only stating the obvious here; but it has been the policy of the US media never to criticise US law enforcement for anything and carefully conceal the news whenever they're actually caught. In fact ICE agents, widely known for their corruption and brutality, have been implicated in everything from drug/weapons smuggling to supplying migrant workers on the Black Market. Nonetheless, Calderon's comments drew down a firestorm of criticism from the right-wing punditocracy. Hopefully, Obama's new policy of transparency will lead to the fall of the corrupt ICE empire.

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