Memorial Day Cache Creek Whitewater Rafting Weekend

Our East Bay Libertarian Party's Whitewater Rafting Adventure is just
days away, folks! And of course, we've got some problems.

One participant cancelled on Tuesday, so that left us with an odd number
of rafters. Since the rafts cannot go into the water without two people
aboard, that means one person will have to stay behind. We need to find
someone to fill that slot or someone else is going to be very unhappy.

And we just found out that two more folks who planned to come have had
to cancel at the last minute. If we can't find three more people to
fill out our allotment, we will be paying for two rafts that won't even
get wet. There are no refunds at this late date. On Monday, I
confirmed our reservation for 7 rafts to accommodate 14 participants,
since that seemed to be our final number. Everything changed the next
day. We're now down to 11 participants. If you know of anyone at all
who would like to come to fill these rafts, please send them my way

We still have folks who haven't yet paid the fee (you know who you are),
but we can collect that later. What we really must get are three more
people to fill our last two rafts. Please let everyone know they can
join us for $50, which they can pay "at the door" or whenever they need
to. I would hate to have paid for any rafts that were never used.

As I mentioned before, I will strive to be at the Cache Canyon Regional
Park Campgrounds as early on Saturday morning as possible. Curt Cornell
will be bringing our Libetarian Party Tent, so you should be able to
spot our Libertarian Party banner easily. Some folks have mentioned
they may even try to get there on Friday afternoon to make sure we have
a good site. Fantastic work!

Again, please give me a call if you have any questions about the
Memorial Day Weekend event, and please help us find three more
adventurous folks who would like to join us. They don't even have to be
Libertarians (but you know it helps).

Terry Floyd, Treasurer
East Bay Libertarian Partie
(510) 351-0973 (home)
(510) 207-4423 (cell)