Meeting today for ballot measure to de-prioritize anti-prostitution enforcement (530-630pm)

Some of us are meeting at my house today to plan the campaign to get the measure to de-prioritize prostitution enforcement on the ballot in San Francisco. Due to low voter turnout in the last election, we need only 7,168 signatures to qualify the initiative, and we feel this is an achievable goal!

  I'll also have petitions available for registered Libertarians to sign to help get our candidate for Congress, Phil Berg, on the ballot.

WHERE: 3531 16th Street (between Market and Sanchez at the corner of Prosper alley)
WHEN: 530pm till at least 630pm

  Even if you can't stay, feel free to stop by and pick up some petitions!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))
             (415) 621-7932