Meeting 08/13/11 - Ballot Recommendations

Dear All;

These are the timelines for the ballot. If we are to have ballot arguments then the meeting on August will have
to cover the ballot issues for arguments. We can also do ballot
recommendations on the final list of approved ballot initiatives.

July 11 last day to submit initiative charter amendments or policy statements. The Dept of Elections had 30 days to review signatures for verification.

July 29 last day for Board of Supervisors to place charter amendment or bonds on ballot.

August 2 last day for member board supervisors to withdraw support of policy statements sent to dept. elections on June 21.

August 5 is the last day for board supervisors to submit policy statement or ordinance.

August 8 designation of letters for ballot initiatives.

August 18 at 12:00 Noon last day to submit ballot arguments

August 18 at 2:00 pm selection of proponent opponent arguments

August 19 last day to correct grammar spelling on ballot arguments selected.

August 19 Noon to August 29 Noon public inspection of ballot arguments.

August 22 Noon submission of rebuttals to ballot arguments.

August 23 Noon last day to submit spelling grammar corrections in ballot arguments.

Ron Getty

This is the pdf from the department elections with the timelines.

Thank you. Much appreciated, Ron.