Meeting 08/13/11 - Ballot Recommendations

Dear All;

Some clarification is required of the ballot recomendations vote by the LPSF.

According to the by-laws the LPSF at its regular business meeting 30 days prior to the election will have its ballot recommendation vote. For this years election with the election being on Nov. 8 the 30 days would be met by our LPSF business meeting on Saturday Oct. 8. The mailed announcements of the ballot recommendations vote to all LPSF members is to be received 30 days in advance of Oct. 8. This means the postcards would go out to be received no later than Sept. 8. This means allowing for mail delivery time the postcard announcements being sent out preferably no later than the beginning of the last week of August or by August 29.

Secondly on the Jeff Adachi pension reform ballot measure it was submitted for signature verification on July 11. The Department of Elections has 30 days to review trhe signatures for verification. The ballot measure will not have to be officially verified until Aug. 11.

Ron Getty