Medical Bills

A Doctor I know recently had a baby in a publicly owned hospital.
The bill was in the range of $80000. The process was nearly identical to what Lew Rockwell's mother went thru to bear him. Mr. Rockwell recently came upon his delivery bill from for a c section and 3 days in the hospital. $78. Even in todays dollars that translates to under $4,000. As a doctor with a razor sharp memeory, she discovered that much of the bill was not only a fraud in prices but a total fabricated fraud in services delivered. She knew where she was and what was done. She protested and got many charges removed. A similar experience occured with a friend who had brain surgery last year. He knew what was done, and had numerous charges removed.

The point is , as you all know , hospital bills are a complete fraud. These bills are ruining the finances of millions of families. If you get sick and lose your job, insurance is impossible to finance. My medical bills were running at a $20,ooo a year clip as my Blue shield PPO group shrunk over the years. Medicare part D finally enabled me to drop Blueshield.

The main point is that the present medical system works only for those who are healthy or have a large institutional employer. It is breaking the back of millions financially and breaking the treasury of the city , the State and the country.

We know that getting the govmt out of health care regulation could fix it. But getting anyone to listen would be impossible.

My question for this board is this. Given the absolute treachery of the present system, would socialized medicine combined with a deal that the remainder of the medical system become completely unregulated (with the exception of tort oversight under the British rules of no contigency fees and loser pays) be a step in the right direction?

Washington was completely correct when he said words to the effect that once the country waivers from basic principles, we are open to a myriad of notions of how to do things. The question above falls in that category.

Or as I suspect is it best to stick to our principles and just inform people about the power of a completely free market to cure the medical system.?


completely free market.... we only have a "right" to
life, liberty and property.... not to health.... we
have to make our own decisions and deal with our
ailments... the other side of this for me, is
everytime I hear some kid or some single mother coming
down with Cancer, "cash strapped" Americans fill
thousands of buckets in every area gas station full of
coins that translate into most of the medical bills
being paid, then churches and charities cover the
rest. We keep "preaching" that with less taxes, there
will be more money to give to a good cause in your
neighborhood (i.e. single mother of 3 has cancer) vs.
knowing 20 times that amount just got spent by the CDC
to study the flu in cats.

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