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  I have this in my notes for a few of them, but not most. What you say is true, however I don't have the sorting capabilities to make it practical to send reporters only material related to their specific beats. Reporters don't usually stay on the same beat forever anyway, so I don't mind sending them non-related material -- I just try to keep the volume low enough and the editing and quality high enough that they won't cut me off.

    If you are willing to invest some research time yourself and publish an updated version of my list (or an expanded list) including information on what topics are covered by individual reporters, that would be great.

Yours in liberty,
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Dear Starchild;

Your list of reporters e-mails is great. Normally, a reporter is assigned to cover a beat(s). Do you know what beats the reporters below cover? Sending an e-mail to a reporter about a topic they do not cover as a beat assignment may get the e-mail forwarded to the right (write) person beat-wise or get sent to the trash can.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


Terrific commentary! Especially the part about all union contracts
being negotiated in full public view. I just forwarded this to my local
media contact list, which is gradually being rebuilt after my hard
drive disaster last year. That list is below, for anyone else who is
interested. I suggest using it somewhat judiciously, so the recipients
don't block you or demand to be taken off your list. And if anybody
else has contact info for media outlets or members of the press not
listed here, please send it to me!

For liberty,
<<< Starchild >>>

San Francisco Bay Times , Viewpoint
, San Francisco Herald ,
San Francisco Chronicle , San Francisco
Sentinel , SF Bay Guardian ,
Noe Valley Voice , City College Guardsman
, San Francisco Examiner , San
Francisco Observer , Sunset Beacon


William Farrington , Peter Hartlaub
, Jaxon van Derbeken
, Mirissa Neff , Carl
Nolte , Lessley Anderson
, Matier & Ross
, Matthew Hirsch ,
Matt Smith , Marc Sandalow
, John Wildermuth
, JR , Yvonne Daley
, Carol Ness , Ethan
Fletcher , Adriel Hampton
, Edward Epstein ,
Robert Salladay , Carrie Kirby
, Sara Zaske , Don Lattin
, Tanya Schevitz ,
Samson Wong , Michael Shilaff
, Warren Hinckle ,
Lisa Hom , Annie Harrison , Ken
Garcia , Joe Garofoli
, Frank Gallagher
, Savannah Blackwell
, Charlie Goodyear
, Ilene Lelchuk ,
Carla Marinucci , Sue Cauthen
, Rachel Gordon , Wanda
, Demian Bulwa , Alison Soltau
, Delfin Vigil ,
Bill Picture , Suzanne Herel
, J.K. Dineen , Simone

> For immediate Release February 27, 2004
> Solving San Franciscoís Budget Crisis:
> At SupervisorFiona Maís Tax Revenue Advisory Meeting today, Candidate
> for Supervisor Michael Denny proposed some new solutions. Said Denny,
> ìItís completely unacceptable that the income of city residents is a
> fraction of the $ 80,000 package enjoyed by the average City employee.
> San Francisco is like a plantation where field hands labor to provide
> a comfortable living for their masters. Our citizens deserve to be
> treated as free people, not slaves. The idea of public service has
> been completely subverted and turned on its head in San Francisco.î
> The average tax-paying citizens work hard to make ends meet. They
> donít have time to lobby City Hall like government unions and
> non-profits, for whom lobbying City Hall for money is ëjust another
> day at the officeí. Their taxpayer-funded income is doled out by
> politicians who respond to pressure and secret side deals,
> particularly at election time. Itís for this reason every phase of all
> government union contracts must be negotiated in full public view,
> with press and citizens on hand to prevent ëdirty deals made in
> smoke-filled back roomsí. Until we have full sunshine applied to all
> contract negotiations, the risks are enormous.î
> San Franciscoís budget has doubled in the last decade while our
> economy, population and jobs have declined. The City is the most
> expensive city-county in the world, at $ 6,500 per man, woman and
> child. Letís be clear: Spending more has only worsened the problems.
> The solution is obvious: drastically cut City spending, by at least
> 50% and the problems will abate. Other cities spend half as much, or
> less, and can get the job done. Why canít San Francisco?
> The third solution is to repudiate onerous City contracts, if
> necessary through bankruptcy. Then privatize as many City functions
> and services as possible while giving existing employees the advantage
> in the bidding process. The $ 300 million budget deficit is explicit
> evidence that the civic financial process has failed. Bankruptcy is an
> acceptable path for those who have mismanaged their affairs. We need
> to start over.
> Finally, City Hall must take responsibility for this mess. A flat
> property tax should be enough to fund essential city services.
> ìProgressiveî taxation violates the concept of equal protection under
> the law. Why should citizens, employers and consumers be forced to pay
> for bad management? Why should businesses be taxed for delivering jobs
> and services to our community?
> Publicly-funded social services are failures and should be turned into
> private charities citizens can support for work well-done. Many City
> services should be funded by user fees. But misguided regulations on
> property contribute hugely to the current mess. If builders could
> build as much as zoning allows, and renters could buy their
> apartments, and landlords could charge market rents, property values
> would soar, raising additional hundreds of millions for the City. And
> Assessor Mabel Teng would be busy raising property values, instead of
> fighting declines.
> Michael F. Denny
> Candidate for Supervisor
> Ph: (415) 986-7677 x123
> Fax: (415) 986-4004
> Email:
> Web: