MECA update: 28-29 March changed

There *was* an overnight vigil planned starting the evening of the 28th.

There *is* now a plan to start a vigil at 5 am on the 29th. There *is not* a plan to do anything the night of the 28th.



On Monday March 29, 2004, the day of the San Francisco Superior Court
hearing on the continued issuance of marriage licenses in San Francisco,
beginning at 5am until the decision is rendered (around noon) there will
be a vigil on the steps of City Hall in support of marriage equality.

All fair-minded Americans are asked to come welcome a new day for
justice at the Polk street steps of City Hall with the SF same-sex
newlyweds. As a show of support on the day the SF Court rules on the
injunction to stop issuing marriage licenses in San Francisco for
marriage equality, Marriage Equality California/Equality California is
hosting a Sunrise Candlelight Vigil.

We will start the all-day civil rights rally with candles in our hands,
welcoming the new day of justice. Then, we will continue the rally with
civil-rights speakers, plaintiffs in the pending lawsuits, our allies in
the spiritual community, music, quotes from Brown v Board of Education,
Lawrence and Goodridge court opinions and recently married couples
holding their marriage licenses up to the court - until the judge makes
his ruling.

All groups of the GLBT Community and our Straight Allies are invited to
take part in this peaceful and significant civil rights rally. Couples,
both different sex and same sex, are encouraged to wear wedding garb and
bring a copy of their marriage license on a poster board. Children are

For more information visit or email
hartsf2@... or mmckay@....

We invite organizations to contact us about speaking opportunities.