Measures On The November Ballot For San Francisco

Dear Everyone;

The finalized list of ballot measures were placed on the ballot by supervisors initiatives AND I am sending them to BOTH LPSF Discuss and Activists as it is important for everyone to know about them.

Here's the SF Examiner article which lists them.

The list is way too much but realistically we could basically vote no on all of them as they are all pure garbage. They inlcude asking for the impeachment of Bush to imposing paid sick days to protecting privacy under limited circumstances.

Will these be discusseed at the September LPSF meeting for voter ballot recommendations?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Measures Finalized For November Ballot

Joshua Sabatini, The Examiner
Aug 10, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO - A number of last-minute November ballot measures were submitted on deadline Tuesday, including a 10 percent increase in the city’s parking tax and an increase in compensation for tenants evicted by landlords who invoke the power of a controversial state law.

City supervisors had until 5 p.m. Wednesday to put ordinances on the November ballot, something that required four board member signatures. The local ballot measures require a simple majority to pass.
Supervisor Chris Daly authored legislation that would enact a 10 percent increase to The City’s parking tax, currently set at 25 percent. For every $10 spent on parking, The City now collects $2.
The tax would affect businesses citywide that charge for parking, such as parking garages and valets. Last year, The City raised about $50 million from the tax and the 10 percent increase is expected to generate an additional $20 million. If approved by voters, a 35 percent parking tax would go into effect January 2007.
Daly said the tax would not only generate more money for The City’s operating budget, but also allow city voters to determine “whether or not we want to accommodate more cars in already congested streets of San Francisco or promote alternatives like public transportation.”
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi submitted an ordinance increasing the amount landlords must pay tenants who are evicted for no fault of their own. The City has seen an increasing number of evictions under the Ellis Act, a state law allowing landlords to evict tenants in order to get out of the rental business.
“There is an epidemic of evictions in San Francisco that demands a more effective response in dealing with this crisis,” Mirkarimi said.
Tenants receive $1,000 in relocation fees. If voters approve the ordinance, tenants would receive $4,500.
Among other last-minute submissions, Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval submitted an ordinance that would make it more difficult for chain stores to open in neighborhoods’ commercial areas by forcing these businesses to undergo a hearing before the Planning Commission.

On the ballot

Charter Amendments

Charter amendments make changes to the city constitution. Since the charter was adopted by voters, all charter amendments must be adopted by voters. To qualify: 10 percent of registered voters or six supervisors must approve

Parental Leave Polices
Allows for members of the board and commissions to participate in meetings via teleconferencing when physically unable to attend due to pregnancy, childbirth, adoption or foster care. Submitted by: Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier
Setting Salaries of Certain Elected Officials
Requires the base salaries of the mayor, city attorney, district attorney, public defender, assessor-recorder, treasurer and sheriff to be adjusted every five years based on the average of salaries of comparable officials in other Bay Area counties.
Submitted by: Supervisor Aaron Peskin


Once passed, it becomes law. Supervisors can pass ordinances; however, if an ordinance is passed by voters, typically it can only be changed by voters. To qualify: Takes four supervisors or 10 percent of voter turnout in last mayoral election

Paid Sick Days
Requires San Francisco employers with less than 11 employees to provide five sick days a year per worker and businesses with more than 10 workers to provide nine sick days a year per employee. Submitted by: Supervisor Chris Daly
Small-Business Protection Act
Would require chain stores, those with 11 or more stores, to undergo a hearing before the Planning Commission before being allowed to open up in the commercial areas of neighborhoods. Submitted by: Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval
Relocation Benefits for No-Fault Evictions
Requires landlords who evict tenants for capital improvement projects or by invoking the power of the state law known as the Ellis Act (allows landlords to evict tenants if they want to get out of the rental business) to pay tenants $4,500 in relocation costs, which is a $3,500 increase.
Submitted by: Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi
Parking Tax Surcharge
Increase The City's parking tax from 25 percent to 35 percent beginning January 2007. Submitted by: Supervisor Chris Daly
Privacy Protection
Protects private information by prohibiting The City from
disclosing information about any person unless when required by federal or state law or by judicial order.
Submitted by: Supervisor Chris Daly

Declaration of Policy

To qualify: Requires four supervisor signatures
Mayor participates in monthly meeting
with Board of Supervisors
Urges the mayor of San Francisco to appear in person at
one regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Supervisors each month “to engage in formal policy discussions with member of the board.” Submitted by: Supervisor Chris Daly
Calling for impeachment of
President Bush and Vice President Cheney
Calls for the impeachment of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney “for violating the public trust and for knowingly harming the United States of America, the state of California, and the city and county of San Francisco.”
Submitted by: Supervisor Chris Daly
Housing for Seniors and People with Disabilities
The City would explore ways to meet the need of affordable housing for seniors with limited means and the disabled. Submitted by: Supervisor Chris Daly