Matching funds?


  Your response leaves me somewhat confused. My proposal would only
authorize expending LPSF funds to the extent that individuals step
forward to voluntarily donate at twice the rate of that expenditure,
so it appears to me to be entirely in keeping with the approach you
say below that you favor. Therefore I do not understand your opposition.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

P.S. - I spoke with Holly, gave her your address and phone number, and
let her know she can drop a check through your mail slot. Thanks!

Hi Starchild,

I am home now, but do not see a check from Holly; but thank you for getting in touch with her.

Regarding the 2 for 1 sale, you argument is persuasive, but I remain unmoved.


Hi Starchild,

Just to let you know that Holly brought her check for $25. If I am counting correctly, we now have $175 in donations. As I understand it, deadline for submission of paid arguments is tomorrow August 17 at 12 noon. I will be happy to meet you at the Department of Elections no later than 11:45 am, with my pledge of $50, if by 11:00 (when I would have to leave the house) we have the $550 you indicated we needed.


Unless a fundraising miracle occurs in the next 12 hours, I think we
have to return the nice and generous people's donations.

Here's an idea for future elections: what about a standing, year-round
committee of LPSF that does nothing but ballot arguments? The committee
would be responsible for securing pledges from individuals for ballot
arguments, and then the committee would decide far in advance of the
deadline which paid argument(s) to submit. Only the final text of the
arguments would require ExCom approval. In all other respects, the
committee would be autonomous (securing pledges, choosing what arguments
to submit, etc.) If we're lucky enough to have any of those arguments
accepted as the free ones, then those pledges can be saved for the next
election. This would have the added benefit of being organized enough
that I bet even Marcy would support LPSF kicking in a minor percentage
of the total cost.

But unfortunately the current last-minute argument writing and
fundraising is not a sustainable process. I think it makes us look bad
to the outside groups we contact in a last minute call for donations.


Amarcy D. Berry wrote:

Dear Rob;

Get this on agenda for Sept. 12 meeting.

However, the far in advance is limited to when the Dept. Elections releases the actual initiatives which will be on the ballot. This year Friday July 31 was the release date with actual language and ballot arguments for NO due on August 13th.

This means the committee picking which ones to slap the LPSF name on sans some kind of a straw poll. I hesitate to allow the committee to have this type of discretion without some feed back from the LPSF one way or another.

This needs mucho discussion at the Sept meeting.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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  Interesting idea, but don't we already have a number of committees
we've been unable to fill? In any case, the government only affords us
a very narrow window to write and file ballot arguments. I don't think
outside groups care that much about the timeline when being solicited
for donations -- what matters to people is that their donations are
honestly solicited and put to good use.

  Since I just checked with the Elections Department and contributors
do not have to be individually listed at the time of filing, but can
be described en masse as members of a group for purposes of disclosing
the true source of funds (e.g. "members of the Libertarian Party of
San Francisco"), I do not necessarily need to receive donations before
noon today. However, unless significantly more pledges come in, in
response to the final appeal I'm about to write, I'm not going to
file. With airfare and related South Dakota expenses coming up, I'm
not prepared to make up a significant portion of the outstanding
balance myself, as I might otherwise consider doing.

  So for anyone who hasn't offered a donation yet (or if you have and
would like to generously offer more), your help would still be
appreciated and could make the difference! I don't need the money to
be actually delivered today so you can simply mail me a check, but I
DO NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU BY 11:00 A.M. (i.e. in the next 40 minutes or
so)! I can be reached by phone at (415) 621-7932, or by replying to
this email. As Rob says, if I do not get enough donations and pledges
to file, all donations will be returned.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Right, the ExCom approval would be a simple veto I think. The main
thing we want to make sure doesn't happen is that something goes out
with LPSF's name on it that LPSF doesn't support. But other than that,
I'd like the committee to be autonomous.

Of course, the whole analysis/recommendations stuff would be kept by
your initiatives committee. Really, this new committee's hardest work
would be, I think, rounding up and keeping track of pledges toward paid

Ron Getty wrote:

Hi Starchild,

Just to let you know that Holly left a message in my voice mail saying it was OK for me to tear up her Prop B donation check, which I have done. She is a very friendly, upbeat person, and I hope she will join us in the future.