Massive state income tax bureacracy headache for California gay couples

California has had domestic partnerships for quite some time now.

Unfortunately, the state's bureaucrats were snoozing on the job the entire time, and as a result, California gay couples might have to file THREE state tax returns in a year instead of just one.

There's a great rush by state bureaucrats to ensure that "tax software professionals," "the tax preparation community" and the endless legions of other wealth-consuming red-tape-splicers that California's convoluted tax system has created can deal with all the new bureaucratic adaptive policies and temporary directives that this problem causes.

In the attached article, California's Franchise Tax Board representatives groan that "there's no ideal solution."

But they are wrong.

How about marriage equality instead -- so that gay people don't get tied up in layers of red tape and have bureaucrats' incompetence put their assets at risk?

Even better, how about getting rid of the state income tax altogether?

Nahhhh. . . not a big deal. After all, we work for the government -- they don't work for us. Right?