Martial Law Plans Revealed? Correction

Martial Law Plans Revealed? Correction
We have received information that the "Representative John Haller" video is from TheOnion News, (not c-span) and is a very realistic sounding spoof. The Onion is meant to be humor, but if you are not aware of it's logo (a stylized onion) you could beleive it to be real, as they try to mirror the craziness that is happening in society.
If you received a mailing on this earlier, please consider only the other videos that were in that message, and are provided again here.

What we chose to ignore - the plans to suspend the constitution

MTV Martial Law Warnings

How Long Will Americans Stay Apathetic To The Reality

Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist

Directive 51

Naomi Wolf, author of "The End of America"

Billy Vegas - The Militarization of Our Police
The Militarization of Our Police
a somewhat humorous discussion of a serious subject


We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

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