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I guess I'm just not surprised at your response.
Disappointed, but not surprised.

Do you have any idea how many people a month
threaten me that if their favorite picture or agenda
item isn't used/implemented, the person will not
  1.. renew
  2.. join in the first place
  3.. vote for me
  4.. not tell their mommy.
That our editor didn't use your particular picture one year,
after they did they year before doesn't mean a thing.

I addressed your blanket accusation nicely and in a
straightforward manner. If that's what you're really mad
about, then don't bother waiting for March. Not only
don't I want your vote, I don't believe I can ever get it.

I know the editor of the paper.
I worked very hard to get her that job.
She's been a Libertarian for more than a decade, and an
activist at that. She doesn't care a bit about one Libertarian
issue over another. She's a full-spectrum, equal-opportunity
Libertarian. I don't even have to ask her to know this.

Rob, not only are you tilting at windmills, but you're tilting
at imaginary ones.

Let's be real.
We at the ExCom are very interested in supporting you and
every other California Libertarian. For you to accuse us
of anti-gay bias is a terrible smear, and quite unfounded.

I barely know Starchild, and I must say that half the time
we've spent together has been arguing against each other.
However, I dare say that he would vouch that I nor any other
ExCom member has a anti-gay bone in our body.
Nor our female editor.

As terrible as your anti-gay smear against us is, equally
unfounded and vicious is your anti-'anti-tax' portrayal of us.

Aaron, our chair, has been working, sometimes eighty hours
a week for us this year, predominately on a city initiative plan
to limit local taxes. He personally, along with myself and
two other Libertarians, drove to Imperial County and spent
two and a half days knocking on doors in 120 degree heat
to promote said initiative as well as recruit members.
The heat, so hot that our air conditioning couldn't make a
difference inside our cars, unless we left the car running at
all times, and that only just barely. (It was a successful trip.)

I know for a fact that you're not only all wet, but way out of line.
It's nutty, conspiracy theories like this that make the general
public dislike us. And it's dirty infighting like this that drives
good members away.

I implore you to look at yourself and ask yourself why you need
to make these unfounded allegations. I'm not saying you're
lying, as I know you're sincere. I am saying that you're wrong.

I offer you an explanation, my phone number and assistance,
you threaten to vote me out unless I [fill in the blank].

What precisely is it that you expect me and the ExCom to do?
Or are you just so frustrated that you need a scapegoat to rail at?

Again, know who your enemies are, but also know your allies.

If you want to be upset, go ahead, but find a real reason, please.

I again offer my assistance and services to all Libertarians,
especially CA Libertarians. I find little value in arguing over
petty and especially incorrect allegations such as this.

There are only four things that ought to matter to us:
  1.. Members
  2.. Money
  3.. Votes
  4.. Education
And, please. Please don't argue with me about the order.
Pick your own order. Or pick your favorite or favorites.
Make it happen and whenever I can help, let me help
you make it happen.

Patiently yours,

Bruce Cohen
LPOC ExCom Rep
LPCa ExCom Rep
LPOC Membership Chair
LPCa Awards Chair
Libertarian US Congressional Candidate 48th District

PS Make your organization a 'do-ocracy'. Have an idea?
      Don't form a committee, just DO it.

Huh? The LPC as anti-anti-tax? I certainly never made that
accusation. Go back and re-read my post.

And I didn't even accuse anyone on the state ExCom of being anti-gay.
I'm only talking about who the ExCom concentrates its efforts on.
My point was that, while the LP actively and vocally supports local
anti-tax initiatives, it does not actively and vocally support local
gay rights or anti-war efforts. Nobody said the LP was officially in
favor of the war or against gay rights (though I wonder about some of
the membership). I'm saying that the HLICs (Head Libertarians In
Charge), who are not only anti-tax, but also pro-gay-rights and
anti-war, are engaging in a misguided attempt to attract only those
voters from the right side of the Nolan Chart by clamoring loudly
against taxes but soft-pedaling issues that may offend social

And since you asked, my mommy has nothing to do with it. In fact,
she (and the first 24 years of my life) are back in Tennessee, where
the fundamentalist Christian conservative politics make Orange County
look like Berkeley. I'm actually amused that you'd put Starchild and
me in the same camp. I'm a never-smoked-pot-in-his-life
conservative-acting Southerner with a freaking M.B.A, for Pete's
sake! I'd fit in better in Orange County than I do here in San
Francisco. For you to declare folks like me the enemy for not being
mainstream enough makes me wonder just how far right-of-center you
really are.

BTW, I don't think I threatened to vote you out personally (You're
not At-Large, anyway, right? I couldn't vote you out if I wanted to,
could I?). But you may be right. I probably am tilting at
windmills. I'm sure you guys running the LPC are so well entrenched
that there's nothing those of us at the local level can ever do to
make a difference. That's probably why none of us in the San
Francisco ExCom have more than a few years of experience dealing with
the LPC. Anyone who hangs around long enough figures out that
working with the state party is a lost cause. But who needs local
activists and their pesky opinions, anyway, when the state ExCom (now
Board of Directors - ugh!) is already all-knowing and all-powerful,

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