Marketing Strategy

I love Steve Dekorte's Socratic method of discussion! So I would like
to attempt a response.

1. "Targeting the conservative minority that is already set in their
ways." Who is targeting a "conservative minority?" When I ran for
office two years ago, most of the groups that invited me to speak
before them were totally "liberal" in their economic outlook
(government big; government take care of me). That does not sound
like a "minority" to me, and those are the groups I would "target" to
hear alternatives to their approach.

2. My perception is that it is easier to convince a conservative of
our economic approach; and easier to convince a liberal of our social
approach. For example, I would find it challenging to convince the
religious right of the reasonableness of our gay rights issues; but I
would find it equally challenging to convince a big-government
liberal of our self reliance approach (this perception also stems