Market Competition Medicine and Socialized Medicine

Dear Everyone;

Two justaposed articles in todays NY Times.

One about market competition in medicine the other about socialized medicine. I wonder is one leading to the other or vice versa? As the article on Concierge Dr's. states:

Even so, critics maintain that concierge services violate the spirit, if not the letter, of federal Medicare law, which aspires to regulate doctors' fees to a uniform standard and streamline access to medical care for the old and infirm.

What do you expect Dr's. to do when you create a bureaucratic mandated healthcare system with all sorts of caveats on patient care and a red tape ridden billing system with limits on what gets paid?

The US Constitution never allowed taking of money from one group of taxpayers and handing it out to another group of taxpayers. This is just another example of what is know in economics as "renting". This is when a privileged group gets the benefits and the costs are paid by all taxpayers.

If a Dr. wants to provide concierge medicine let free market competition rule and go stuff Medicare. If the dollars received in premiums are not enough to cover the expenses then raise the premiums for those receiving the benefits and stop taxing all taxpayers for Medicare and Medicaid. Get the government out of the health care business.

Can you imagine what a mess universal health care would be like if the government can't even get Medicare done right???

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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