Mark the Date: Memorial Day Weekend 2008

              Dear Libertarian,
              I want to thank all of you for your support over the past few months! My office has been a swirl of activity, and all of us here are very excited about the 2008 Presidential Nominating Convention and what we hope will be a very promising election season.

              While there is still a great deal of work to do in 2007, we have exceeded our expectations and have a solid start in building a very strong foundation for the 2008 election season.
              Libertarians are becoming a greater force and influence in American politics every day. And it's you, our friends, members and supporters, who have made this all possible.
              We very much hope you'll mark your calendar for us, one year from today. Our Presidential Nominating Convention is on Memorial Day Weekend 2008. . . exactly a year from now.

              Activities will start during the afternoon of May 22, 2008 and will close on May 26.
              We'll have more information and registration links posted on very soon so please be sure to check in the near future for the latest details.
              This event comes around only once every four years, and it's where we select our presidential nominee. You absolutely don't want to miss out on this if at all possible!

              In the meantime, please enjoy this Memorial Day weekend with your friends and family.

              If you need anything at all from me or the rest of the LPHQ staff, please don't hesitate to contact us by writing to or simply calling 1-800-Elect-Us.
              In Liberty,
              Shane Cory
              Executive Director
              Libertarian National Committee