Marin LP meeting on Tuesday, 1/10/06

Would anyone else like to go to this? I'm interested, but it would be too much hassle to get to San Anselmo without a car so I probably won't do it unless I have a ride.

  Matt, if you know anyone else coming from south of the Golden Gate Bridge, please let me know. I would also suggest setting up email lists for your region -- it's easy, and I think it can really help a local group coalesce. The SF model of three lists -- a low-volume announce list, a wide-ranging discussion list, and a working list for your core activists -- has worked well for us.

  Please let us know if we can provide any assistance with this or with anything else we may be able to help with. And don't forget about picking delegates and platform and program committee reps to the state convention. Do you know who from your county will be going?

Yours in liberty,
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  Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco