[ManhattanLibertarians] Affidavit in Support of Order to Show Cause to Restore Sloan Candidates to the Ballot

If you will look at the complete documents that I sent you via
yousendit.comyou will see where these numbers came from. I did not
make them up.

The "Specific Objections" said that I submitted 4269 signatures of which 69
were good and 4200 (exactly) were bad.

They were obviously just making up these numbers. They had no relationship
to reality.

The Clerk's Report from the Board of Elections has entirely different
numbers. Take a look at it and you will see what I mean. It says 112 were
disqualified as not registered, 59 were disqualified as not enrolled in
party. The biggest batch is 3905 disqualified because Subscribing witness
is not enrolled in the Republican Party. Thus, if that provision is invalid
or non-existent, I am back on the ballot.

One witness signed her name Ann Fastag but that is her married name. She is
registered ti vote as Ann Mazzilla. For this reason all 110 signatures she
collected were thrown out. You will see that on the clerk's report.
However, that does not change the result because of the small number of
signatures involved.

Sam Sloan