Making the LPSF a "Happy Brand"?

Dear All,

Just a brief report on the LPSF lunch with Alton (the Manhattan LP visitor), which Michael E., Starchild, Aubrey, and I attended. I had a nice time, and I hope everyone else did also. I cannot resist relating a couple of things about our animated discussion:

About 20 people attend the Manhattan LP monthly meetings; not all members or activists. The meetings are dinner/drink affairs, with 1/2 hour for taking care of business, and the rest for guest speakers and mingling. LPSF has on and off talked about having guests on a regular basis, and maybe that could be something the incoming ExCom can think about. The thought occurs to me, how come they can take care of business in 1/2 hour, and we have been taking 2 hours, at least during the 9 years I have been attending the LPSF!

Secondly, Alton brought up the idea of the LP being a "brand," like any other product, organization, business is a "brand" (he was relating the way Sharon Harris of the Advocates describes the LP -- all to Starchild's usual protestations against the idea!). I have always advocated that we pay a lot more attention to such branding (i.e., how the public perceives us). I ran across this interesting article on "happy brands" that the public likes:'s+most+popular+brands&form=MONEY6

Aubrey had suggested a discussion on LPSF goals and objectives, which I suggested be left to the income ExCom. So, just thought I would contribute my personal input as a member of the LPSF.



Alton's info about the structure of the LPNY meetings was the take-home
message for me as well.

I'm sure we've turned off many first-time attendees who've found our meeting
b-o-r-i-n-g. Our meetings appear to be repelling potential members. Time for
a change! We have little to lose.

I would like to have Aubrey's suggestion as a topic at a monthly meeting,
rather than exclude non-ExCom members from the discussion. Perhaps in Jan.
or Feb. to start 2012 off on an optimistic note?

Warm regards, Michael