M3 plunge protection and fat cat ceo's


I am a fan of your e-mail posts to LPSF and always look forward to reading
your posts. Is your gold discussion board open to the public? If so, what is
the web address of your gold discussion board?

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Sorry, my gold board is closed....
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. ... Mike E., I beg to disagree,
this is a very , very big deal. and
besides argement by anonymous
authority may make great copy but
that is as far as it goes....
Clearly the gold market is signaling
concern about the prospects of
monetary inflation. Going secret
with m3 signals the Fed's
intentions to inflate like crazy. If
they succeed in doing this it may
be as much of a watershed event
as Nixon's abrogration of the gold
contract called the us dollar. The
establishment, especially the
establishment media that has
worked overtime for 25 to 73 years
to dizzen the barbarous relic will
be working hard hard to counter
any pressure from us Gold bugs
and other Austrians. I will be
amazed if this doesn't happen. the
only thing that will stop it is the
gold and silver markets. When you
think about it you almost have to
smile. The presious metals sit
there is wait. They issue no press
releases. They hire no celebrity
smokespersons. They wait ever
patie3nt, biding thier time. and
finally they begin to slowly strip off
the clothes of the emperor. Maybe
just maybe there is hope that out
of all this we wake up in the ashes
of faschist communism to a new
dawnllit by the sun reflecting from
the shiny metal, our Republic
restored. Honesty, and sensibility
honored once again. Peace and
prosperity restored. Hay, I can
dream can't I.