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  If making it legal to grow hemp is dumb because there's no market for it anyway, as Matt Smith dubiously claims ("Dumb As A Potted Plant, April 6-12, 2005), how much dumber is it to PROHIBIT people from growing something for which there's no demand? Does Matt think it smart to keep lots of laws on the books which serve no real purpose? Or is the real purpose to perpetuate the failed "War on Drugs" by keeping as many of the existing restrictions on marijuana as possible, thereby making it easier for drug warriors to perpetuate the myth that it has no productive uses? Matt Smith is often impressive as an investigative reporter, and normally he employs this talent to good effect, but his strange logic on hemp would have been put to better use as "C" answers in the "Apologist" column.


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P.S. to the Editor - Starchild is my full legal name.