LTE: At war with the environment

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[Sent to the _Chronicle_ today.]


Thanks for your editorial, "At war with the environment?" One quibble: no
question mark is necessary. The US government is the worst polluter in the
nation, hands down. In addition to the disasters called military bases (as
San Franciscans know all too well), BLM rents out land for destructive
grazing, while the Forestry Service sells off our old-growth forests at a loss.

Private conservation efforts like the Audubon Society and the Nature
Conservancy work because property rights work. Many environmentalists
mistakenly look to the government to protect our ecosystem - the same
government that wants to drill the Alaskan wilderness and is currently
waging war in Iraq.

This Earth Day, put your money where your mouth is.

Chris Maden
Chair, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
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