[LPSM-Discuss] Tobacco Farmers and Clotheslines / Neighbors for Property Rights

What I think is needed are neighborhood associations predicated on the idea of people being able to make their own decisions about their property, and protecting each other from government restrictions on this freedom. I have an idea for a group I'd like to start in San Francisco called Neighbors for Property Rights, but so far I have not been able to drum up interest among local libertarians to organize it.

  Here is a short sample mission statement I wrote up last year:

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Sign me up too...for me personally and the business.


Mike and Derek, I appreciate your willingness to put money toward this effort. At this point however, I think accepting membership pledges would be putting the cart a bit before the horse. What's needed right now are some people to get together with me, hold a charter meeting to found the group, and formally vote on and adopt a mission statement, plan of action and the structure and guidelines to carry them out.

  I'm thinking that we may want to set up a mechanism to take pledges, which will only be collected, and the group formally launched, when we have a certain number. I'm considering the idea of using membership funds to hire a person or persons to do the following tasks:

-maintain a website
-send out notices of government hearings or actions pertaining to group members and others
-maintain an online calendar of these hearings and actions
-keep track of the letters members send out and the hearings they attend
-maintain a bank account and keep track of dues payments for those paying cash
-be accountable to elected officers and possibly take on other duties as needed and time permits

  This is no doubt an incomplete list. No doubt there are cumbersome regulations attached to hiring an employee, unless we just payed someone informally. Thoughts?

Love & Liberty,
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