LPSF's recent Panel Discussion mentioned twice!

Hi All,

Last Sunday, LPSF presented another of its Annual Panel Discussions. The panelists, Steve Frank and Starchild, were terrific, and Aubrey did a fantastic job as moderator. Good number of attendees, and all very attentive.

But, we all know by now that the LPSF 4th Annual Panel Discussion was successful. What this post is about is an effort to call attention that more discussion on subjects considered "settled" need to occur. Although this time around, the LPSF bumped up against progressives considering the subject of sanctuary cities "settled," I would wager such attitudes could be found anywhere in the political spectrum.

Steve Frank's publication, California Political Review News & Views, mentions the phenomenon of "settled" issues twice in connection with the LPSF Panel Discussion -- giving LPSF's name a chance to be seen by thousands! Here are links and quotes. Remember, the issue here is not what Steve Frank on the first quote and Richard Eber on the second quote say about sanctuary cities, but what they say about discussion being shut down.


"Yesterday I debated the issue of Sanctuary Cities in San Fran, before the Libertarian Party of San Francisco. They tried to get every Democrat member of the Board of Supervisors to debate the issue—all said no. The chair of the San Fran Democrat Party, along with the leadership of La Raza and other promoters of allowing criminals from foreign countries be protected from the Federal law—all said NO. Why? Because this is a ‘settled” issue, no need to discuss. Sounds like Al Gore and his money making scams—no need to discuss or debate the scientific facts."


"A similar attitude is held towards Sanctuary Cities. Only a fruitcake in California would argue with the likes of political leaders Gavin Newsome, Kevin de Leon, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi in questioning efficacy of such a policy. It has reached a point is when California Political News & Review Editor Steve Frank took part in a panel discussion sponsored by the Libertarian Party on Sanctuary Cities in San Francisco last weekend, not one prominent liberal was willing to participate. In their minds there was nothing to debate."