LPSF VM Info Request

Jay Debogue (141 Eddy St., #422, SF 94102, 346-7116) requests info be sent
him anent the LPSF and the LP platform. He also expressed interest in
attending a LPSF monthly meeting. (I gave him the details.) He does not have
a computer. He said he voted for Obama, but is now disillusioned with him.

Warm regards, Michael

Thank you, Michael. I will send Jay an info packet tomorrow.


Thanks. Since he doesn't have an email, I guess I'm off the hook for
writing this one. :slight_smile: Thanks for doing the snail mail version, Marcy.


Amarcy D. Berry wrote:

I am looking forward to the next SF LP business meeting, because I remember we are going to work on sending out a mass letter to California newspapers and broadcast media, asking them to refer to next year's ballot measure as "top-two", not "open primary". Yesterday I made a handy-dandy one sheet of paper that has a copy of the ballot measures (as they appeared on the ballot) from the 3 instances in history at which "top-two" systems have been before the voters.

The ballot language does not say "open primary" on any of them (the 3 instances are California 2004, Washington 2004, Oregon 2004; the voters said "no" in Oregon and California but "yes" in Washington). I made 100 copies of that sheet.

I presume the second sheet we would be stuffing in an envelope would be a letter. How do we manage to get the letter written and approved before the meeting? And does it go on party stationery? I postally mailed my work product to Francoise yesterday so she should get it today.

Dear Richard;

To whom would these mass mailed? As we do not have the name and addresses of the people to whom we would be mailing to whom I believe you were getting for us the names and addresses of those whom we would be mass mailing so we can have enough envelopes and stamps and so on.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Dear Richard and All,

I could bring the envelopes, unless Richard wants to use his own, and he lets us know how many are needed. Also, please let me know if you want me to bring .44 stamps (that means no more than three regular weight pages), and LPSF could vote to fund the mailing.

I am guessing Richard has a media list he wants to use; but if not, maybe we could use the one I used a couple of years ago for the Stop Funding the War media blitz.


Dear Marcy, I would love it if you brought your list, or if it is e-mailable, if you could let us all see it in advance. We need statewide media, of course, but even if yours is only Bay Area that is a big start. I will try to get my own media list from the NRA web page but I certainly appreciate everyone's help.