Dear Everyone;

The Presidential Primary is Feb. 5 2008. There are three ballot propositions on the ballot. Our January meeting is on Jan. 12 which is only three weeks from the primary. We usually make endorsements and recommendations 30 days in advance of an election day. This means the Dec. 8 meeting for the proposition recommendations and endorsements and so on.

See the informatuon below with thumbnails and click throughs for the ballot measure pdf's.

Please bring your comments and questions about the ballot propositions to the Saturday Dec. 8 LPSF meeting 3:00 pm at Milanos 9th Ave. at Irving.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian
Initiatives Committee Chair

February 5, 2008 Consolidated Presidential Primary Election
Qualified Measures List with Official Titles (PDF)
Legal Text:
A Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bonds, 2008 (PDF)
B Creating a New Deferred Retirement Option Program for Members of the San Francisco Police Department (PDF)
C Adopting a Policy that the City Acquire Alcatraz Island to Make It a Global Peace Center (PDF)

Proposition A –

An $185,000,000 parks improvement bond placed on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors after community input to Rec Parks Department.

Proposition B –

Placed on ballot by the Police Officers Association and called the DROP plan. Deferred Retirement Option Program. It allows a police officer to continue working for the City after what would be a normal retirement time but accumulate retirement benefits in a tax deferred retirement plan. The Charter amendment program requires no net increase of costs to the City with periodic audits and reviews and a three year time frame with audited review for a renewal of the DROP plan.

This Proposition is an attempt to keep police officers on duty where there supposedly is a shortage coming up of police officers due to retirements and few new police officers in the pipeline to maintain voter mandated force levels etc etc etc and so on. Whether or not this is good or not is a good question if it deploys officers to high crime districts or concentrates the experienced officers on clearing major outstanding felonies of homicides about 380 uncleared and some 1,000 rapes uncleared and some 18,000 armed robberies uncleared. And as the Charter amendment so states there is no increased cost to the City.

Proposition C –

This was placed on the ballot by a Marin County person by the name of Da Vid, MD. Yes that’s a real name.
He is a fonder of the: http://www.lightparty.com/index.shtml
Bio: http://www.lightparty.com/About/Biography.html
No mention of where the money is coming from if approved and whether or not the federales would sell Alcatraz to SF.