[LPSF] Tell U.N.: NO WAR

Sweden is not part of the Middle East, but it is the country whose public opinion I have my finger on the pulse of.

Swedes would still be cynical about a UN approved Iraq war, but would in general accept it as a legal action, if one of doubtful wisdom and morality. The exact same attack carried out by the US in defiance of, or ignoring the UN would be viewed much more harshly. Not quite as a planetary coup d'etat by an outlaw state, and the end of the UN and international law. But as a big step in that direction.

You're right that people would see that it would still be a US government cajoled and bribed operation ("Coalition of the Billing"), but nevertheless I still think UN approval is very important.

Bonus material: I got this rant I got from a Canadian friend.