LPSF Social Hour

Dear Rob,

This is just a thought, but I am requesting that we make it an Agenda item in the next few meetings (not necessarily this coming meeting).

Staying for the monthly LPSF social hour does not seem to generate as much interest as it did several years ago. There are those of us ExCom members, who just can't put in the time to stay until 6 pm. So, I feel uncomfortable about us announcing a social from 5 to 6, when I can't be there, and so few of us can. I am wondering if we should change our strategy to agree more with reality; especially now that we are meeting in a nice conference room instead of an eating establishment.

Maybe we could invite everybody to the business meeting, and *if* there is enough people and enough interest for an after meeting social, then collect some Snack Donations and order from the restaurant around the corner.


Rob and Marcy,

I second this as an agenda item.

Warm regards, Michael

Dear Marcy and Rob;

I second the motion due to the location being a conference room not a ristorante.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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