LPSF selected as official opponent of Proposition A [2 Attachments]

Good news! The Elections Department has notified me that one of the arguments we submitted (a version of the one written by Aubrey, attached below) was chosen as the official ballot opponent for Prop. A. He and I submitted a total of 40 copies of our arguments at City Hall this morning. Republican activist Terrance Faulkner reportedly submitted eight, but the odds in our favor won the LPSF the slot. Also attached at bottom is the proponent argument for Prop. A submitted by Supervisor David Chiu, fire chief Joanne Hayes-White, police chief Greg Suhr, and mayor Ed Lee (as usual, a who's who of the politically powerful lined up in favor of doing the wrong thing).

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

I am so glad Aubry and Starchild live in San Francisco. We owe you a lot.

Richard Winger
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Hear, hear! We could almost say the same thing about Richard Winger.