LPSF resolution

Whereas United States president Donald Trump has attempted to subvert the results of the November 2020 election and remain in power by

• filing dozens of frivolous lawsuits seeking to overturn vote tallies in multiple states, with his campaign lawyers making false claims that were almost entirely dismissed by courts including by judges appointed by Trump himself;

• openly floating the “trial balloon” of saying, upon congratulating the dictator of China for getting himself appointed president for life, that it was an idea worth looking into

• refusing to concede the election and cooperate with a peaceful transition of power in the face of overwhelming evidence that he lost; and finally and most egregiously:

• Inciting his supporters to storm the capitol building for the purpose of forcibly disrupting the legitimate certification of the election results

In short, having repeatedly shown that he has no respect for democracy or the will of the electorate and is manifestly unfit to serve as head of state in a democratic republic,

And whereas he has during the past four years and more made abundantly plain to the world the nature of his character, including his pettiness, his lack of empathy, his willingness to make extreme threats including to against other countries, his willingness to pardon war criminals found guilty of murdering civilians, and his desperation to hold onto power, we do not trust how far he might go in attempting to hang onto that power, and in a man with nuclear weapons at his command, this is frankly unacceptable.

We therefore call for his immediate resignation.

And knowing that to do the right thing by resigning would be highly uncharacteristic of Donald Trump’s behavior up to this point,

We call upon Congress, vice president Mike Pence, and the members of the cabinet to begin without delay the proceedings outlined in the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to remove him as president.