[lpsf] Re: [lpsf-discuss] SF YIMBY Platform

Indeed, John. I did not want to get too philosophical so I just limited my argument to the obvious stealing from Peter to feed Paul. But yes the fundamental principles of the free market are also being violated. Free market cannot include subsidies.


One more thought on this which I hope might be helpful, not critical. Hard-working activists like Starchild are doing a lot of good work acquainting the mainline progressive movements with some libertarian thoughts. That's important. However, where is the Libertarian "sausage making?" Where are Libertarians producing local platforms that spell out free market guidelines?

Maybe so many have accepted that San Francisco, the Bay Area, and the state itself are hopelessly left-leaning, and the only way to show some activity is to team up with left-leaning groups. Not so. Lots of groups out there are working to uphold principles of the free market, property rights, self-determination, and an unsubsidized life (true, where subsidies are forced upon you, such as in the case of Social Security or rent control, I am not sure what one can do). Check out the Nine-County Coalition website, which I am trying to keep up and promote.

OK. Just saying. Now I have to get back to work.