LPSF Political Activity proposal

My humble two cents: I agree with Mike D. that the main objective of
such an endeavor would be to obtain some visibility for the LPSF. And,
depending on how such a campaign is handled, the project has the
potential of making more friends than enemies (although, if we wait
long enough, everybody in San Francisco will be an employee of the
City, and then we would have a problem!)

However, if we dig into past LPSF Minutes, we will see that at one
meeting, the LPSF voted to commit to initiatives only with a solid
plan in place and funds available to back the plan. Therefore, my
suggestion would be (1) put down on paper the specific steps
necessary; (2) obtain commitments from volunteers willing to
accomplish each step; (3) attach a realistic cost to each step; (4)
raise the funds to cover those costs; (5) after the funds are in a
segregated bank account, start the process of formally writing the
initiative, obtaining legal advice, gathering signatures, and
publicizing our efforts.