LPSF Panel Discussion idea for this year

One of the perennial controversies in San Francisco concerns people using different modes of transportation – pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, skaters, ride-shares, personal cars, etc. – sharing the commons. Members of these groups often tend to see each other in oppositional terms, with the result that government regulation, spending, and penalties tend to get ramped up to the eventual detriment of all.

  I think it could be interesting/productive to get representatives from some of these different constituencies together and try to seek common ground that doesn't involve infringing on liberties or increasing the size/cost/scope/burden of government.

  Here are a few groups that might potentially be able to provide speakers....

• SF Bicycle Coalition
• WALK SF (pedestrian advocacy group)
• Lyft or Uber
• Scoot or Bird (scooter companies)
• AAA (American Automobile Association)
• Mary Miles (attorney with Coalition for Adequate Review, group that has opposed bike lanes)
• Ted Loewenberg (former head of SF skateboarding task force)

   I'd be happy to moderate as usual. Thoughts?

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

P.S. – Anyone happen to be keeping a list or recall which panel discussions we've done in which years in the past? This is something else it would be nice to list on our website, although not high priority.


I like your idea in general, but who will be the discussant assessing which common ground presented "doesn't involve infringing on liberties or increasing the size/cost/scope/burden of government.” This person, represtenting the LPSF, would constitute the most important panel member.

Make sense?

Michael E.

Thanks, Michael. Basically that (being the panel's freedom advocate and trying to steer the other panelists in the direction of respecting each other's freedom) would be my role as moderator, along with our folks asking questions during Q&A. Of course if we can find libertarian-oriented locals who are directly involved in the politics of sharing the roads and sidewalks and get them as panelists that would be terrific, but I'm not sure they exist..

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))